O que você já conhece, só que agora de uma forma diferente.

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Who we are

Ethima was created to be different from the current competitors. We are here to innovate the way of dealing with customers and suppliers.

We are going to present a new international freight forwarding chart unknown so far that will take you to another level of transparency. Both parties will know what and how much are they paying on each given freight. As a consequence, you will have significant reductions in costs of each operation, increasing your competitiveness without losing service quality and you will be certain that your freight will be properly conducted according to Brazilian Foreign Trade laws.

We certify to our clients and suppliers that good business can be done when there is transparency, ethics and excellence in relationships.

Please contact Ethima Logistics, request a quote and allow us to conduct a test shipment for you.

You and your company will better understand the huge difference between Ethima Logistics and the other cargo agents / freight forwarders in Brazil.

Ethima Logistics – Excellence that moves us.


Nosso trabalho de qualidade e transparência pode ser reconhecido pelos diversos prêmios que já recebemos.

Why utilizing Ethima services?

Ethima presents a new concept of services in the international freight business with ethics, transparency and safety according to normative rules of agencies making Ethima an INNOVATIVE shipping and handling Company in Brazil.